It’s Christmas Eve and I am reflecting on how quickly things can change. Our family was hoping to celebrate this year’s Christmas with a sit-down dinner with our extended family tonight. We have carried on this Christmas Eve tradition as our European ancestors did.

We were all looking forward to a gathering bringing our family together and  contributing towards a delicious meal and smelling the delightful aromas. With light and festive music in the background, we expected to share stories and celebrate memories with each other over a glass of wine tonight, playing games and laughing together late into this evening.

Alas, this year it is not to be. At least not in the traditional sense. Instead, our family is opting for an outdoor gathering to celebrate together in nature and make everyone’s health a priority. It was a decision made by the whole family as we respected everyone’s values and needs. We will still gather, perhaps hike on our country trails, and celebrate our health and connection as we warm ourselves around an open campfire with crackling and wood and sparking flames contrasted  beside the quiet, glistening pond.

Is it a perfect Christmas? It is perfect in the fact that we honour each other and our decisions. We have had conversations during the last few weeks leading up to our final decision as a family. Everyone was respectful and we were able to truly hear each other’s concerns. For that I am grateful.

As I reflect on the changing landscape of celebrations this year I am reminded that there are opportunities to learn and grow and celebrate even through difficult and unexpected times:

I believe in the power of positive thought and have been reflecting in gratitude about how much I am so grateful for. This year has created more awareness of how we each have the ability to turn things around and make that which is challenging more manageable. As I reflect I would like to share some thoughts and acknowledge each of you in our Wild About Wellness Community.

  • I am grateful for you.
  • I am grateful for this present moment.
  • I am grateful to have honest and kind communication.
  • I appreciate my supportive family, friends and community.
  • I believe we can find compassion even in the face of conflict.
  • I believe in our ability to get through tough times.
  • I know collaboration brings out the best in any situation.
  • I can let go of things I cannot control.
  • I know we have everything we need within us.
  • I know we can all be loving human beings.
  • We can choose to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • We can respect each other’s values and beliefs.
  • We are all worthy and we are all good enough.
  • We can create our own inner sense of calm despite the outside noise.
  • We are all capable and we are adaptable.
  • We can fill our lives with love.
  • We can all share our love with others.
  • We can cultivate the life experiences we want.
  • We can hold space for others to be and grow.
  • We can be present and calm today.
  • We can do hard things together.
  • We can stay grounded when things feel off balance.
  • When we are challenged we can take things one day, or one hour, at a time.
  • We can go with the flow.
  • Life can be easy and filled with joy.
  • We can pause and appreciate our life and always find things to be grateful for.
  • We have been through difficult situations before and we have survived and even thrived.
  • We can be positive and we can be realistic in the face of adversity.
  • We can focus on showing up as the best version of ourselves.
  • We can choose.
  • We can focus on the people and the things we love.
  • We can all shine our light and help others see in the dark.
  • Our quality of life is based on how we perceive it and how we receive it.
  • There is always good to be found.

In the face of change we can adapt, we have more potential than we can ever imagine. Our ability as individuals to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of life is a testament to our flexibility, persistence and resilience. As we come together we become aware that there is no power for creating positive change greater than community. And I am reminded about a quote I can depend on time and time again to motivate and inspire me.

As I reflect I think of how I believe in this community and in each and every one of you. I believe in who you are. I believe in what you do. I believe in what you are here to share with the world. No one who is quite like you or who can do things quite like you. You are unique, one of a kind! What makes you different is what makes you brilliant, and I am so very grateful for you.

As a community, we have the power to create health and well-being far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital. There is no power for change greater than a community coming together in collaboration with passion and purpose.

I invite you to share a few thoughts about what you are reflecting on at this time, perhaps some insights or learnings this year’s Christmas experience is providing for you.

Warmest wishes to you and your families for a healthy and happy Christmas.

<3 Simone

Simone Usselman-Tod, Founder of the Wild About Wellness Community

The Wild About Wellness Community was created to bring together people who are passionate about natural health and wellness.The intention is to create greater connection and support for the  Wild About Wellness community members.

As the world changes and we continue to build this community together, we can move forward and support the changing needs of one another. This space provides a virtual home for our community as we create more opportunities for meaningful connections. This conscious community is a safe space to explore and connect with each other to learn and grow, share insights and information, and to support each other without fear of criticism and judgement.

I invite you to share your experiences, ask questions, and develop a greater sense of connection with this community of like-minded people, holistic health and wellness practitioners and coaches. This means we can share new, fresh ideas and lease reach out if you have any question new practices that we can take into our daily life.

We created the Wild About Wellness Community to bring you together with equally passionate people ready for something new. This is an opportunity for the Wild About Wellness community to continue to expand through sharing, caring, community and connection.

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