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As the visionary behind Wild about Wellness Inc., Simone dedicates herself to fostering the expansion of fellow entrepreneurs and complementary therapists, coaches, and wellness practitioners. Drawing on her rich background in both medical and holistic care as a Cranio-Sacral, Bowen, and Registered Massage Therapist, Simone not only comprehends but has personally navigated the challenges inherent in establishing a holistic business.

Her business foundation rests on the bedrock of this dual expertise, and she extends a helping hand to others seeking to shape lives centered around their distinctive expressions of leadership. Simone’s Wild About Wellness Community events offer participants opportunities to share, learn, and evolve on their holistic  journeys. Join monthly  transformative experiences where individuals unite in their shared mission to provide and receive top-tier holistic health and wellness services.

Monthly community events are held online and are open to anyone interested in holistic health and wellness.  For more information, and to RSVP, connect with Simone through the buttons below. You will be welcomed to Wild About Wellness Community with open arms!

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“Excellent. Special thanks to Simone for her welcoming kind leadership.”


What an amazing network event! It felt more like a reunion with good friends and as a newcomer, felt so welcome and included. Thank you!”


“Thank you to Simone and everyone at this event for providing support and encouragement, as well as information about new and exciting products and services!”


I truly believe that Simone can reach zones within a person that have not been chartered before. Simone has a genuine interest and compassion evolving anew at each moment of each journey.” 

SC -Wild about Wellness Events participant

“Enjoyed the meeting- lots of useful information. Special thanks to you, Simone, for your leadership and encouragement.” 


Wild about Wellness
Start Creating your Future Life Now!

Are You a Holistic Practitioner or Heart-Centred Entrepreneur who is ready to kick your business up a few notches? Here are some of the ways you can work directly with Simone:

30 Minute Introductory Consultation

I would like to invite you to schedule a 30 minute introductory call by phone or zoom conference call so that I can really understand what you are looking for. It is important that you get the support you are looking for with someone you feel aligned with. I would like to make sure I can meet your needs in a way that serves you best. Once I understand exactly what you are looking for I would be happy to share how I can help you. I look forward to connecting with you.

To discuss Individual, Group, Retreat and Team Building Programs book a 30 minute introductory consult here.

Entrepreneurial Business Mentoring Sessions

These are powerful laser coaching sessions to guide you and to provide support while identifying options and solutions to help move you forward in your personal and professional life.

Session may be held in person, by phone or by zoom conference call.

Dynamic Visioning Power Package

The Dynamic Visioning Power Coaching Package includes an initial 90-minute session, followed by three weekly one-hour sessions. This four-week program provides a one‐on‐one experience that will kick‐start your process and catapult you on to a whole new plane of understanding. Using the infinite resources and powerful energy of your own theta brain waves, Simone will help you map out the state of being that you desire, and help you align yourself with it. Kick self‐doubt to the curb and feel the excitement of being the whole, beautiful person you came here to be!

When you’re finished your first power session, you’ll complete a personalized Goal Card that will remind you what your clearly-defined goal is, which will help you strengthen the neural pathways you’ll be building under Simone’s expert guidance. Your three private one-hour Laser Support Calls will help you to manage the unexpected and troubleshoot any personal challenges that may arise following your power coaching session. The results are spectacular!

Sessions can be held in person, by phone or by zoom conference call.