We all know how important learning and growing is as we navigate the challenges that life presents. Sometimes our world throws us more adversity and challenges than we can handle and we decide it’s time to make a change!
What do you want to improve this year? Your health? Emotional and mental resilience? Your relationships? Are you wanting clarity about you career or perhaps your purpose? What about your income? Or would you simply like life to be a little less stressful, a little easier, perhaps a bit more flow?
Most people are motivated to make changes in early January. They call them ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. They’ve read about how to make changes, they’ve taken programs and courses and they know what they want. Every January they are determined to make change and be successful in making self care and health a priority.
But every year it’s the same old thing – a strong start, excited for the future, 100% committed. And then reality kicks in. It’s not so easy. Habits and behaviours are hard to change. It’s so difficult to change our eating habits and stick to our plan of exercising more, eating healthier, getting rid of prepackaged meals, reducing sugar, and caffeine. Managing our stress levels and finding time to practice the self care that we know is so important to our health and wellbeing can seem almost impossible to schedule!
It’s always a challenge to stick with the plan. It’s not long before our enthusiasm begins to wane and resistance and distraction takes over. Are you tired of starting your plan and not being able to complete it because it takes so much time and effort to make those changes. Are you feeling the resistance already? Are you afraid to failing and having to start yet again, and of being stuck again just like before?
What most people don’t understand is that their negative emotional triggers interfere with their success again and again. Negative emotional triggers create inner conflict,  resistance and distractions that block our success. When we understand where our emotional triggers are rooted, we can make a change where the foundation of the problem exists. This frees up your mental and emotional energy to focus on what you really want without the inner conflict and resistance that gets in the way.
This year you can change your old story. Yes you can! It’s not as difficult as you might think it is. Are you interested in finding someone to help illuminate the path of least resistance and help you to move past the  blocks, the distractions, and inner conflict caused by emotional triggers? Can you imagine feeling the freedom and empowerment of accomplishing your goals and creating the outcomes in your life that you’ve always wanted? Instead of failing you could be winning. Instead of struggling you could be accomplishing your dreams in ways you might have never been able to even imagine before. If you know you are ready to make a change let’s shine the light on those negative emotional triggers and learn how to use them to transform your life into something amazing.
I invite you to take the first step to creating the changes you have been wanting to make. Knowledge is power only when you take action. Book your  45 minute ZTPI assessment HERE. You can learn more about the assessment HERE.
Simone Usselman-Tod
Certified PACE NLP Master Practitioner
Certified Life Coach and Business Coach