Guest post by Wyn Andress.

You know, when someone says, “I have just started… and it’s amazing! You should give it a try.” They believe it’s the way. However, when you decide to try it, it actually messes you up.

For example, the general rule of thumb for hydration is at least 2 L of water per day. That’s 67.6 oz. As a conscientious person, I listened. When I saw holistic practitioners I was often told I was dehydrated and to drink more. Along with the increased water came headaches, fatigue, dizziness and anxiety. When my blood pressure was checked at the doctor’s it was 90/60, to as low as 70/40. “You’re probably dehydrated”, I was told. So I drank more, and kept feeling worse!

Then a sports/fitness professional asked how much water I drink & was staggered when I said ‘about 3.5 L, + tea’. He said I was over hydrating, flushing my electrolytes and taxing my kidneys. To properly calculate how much water I need, I’m to divide my weight in 1/2 and that’s how many ounces I need per day; increasing it if perspiring or actively working out.
For me, that’s 50 ounces, so I was surpassing it by 17.6 oz, to as much as 50. YIKES!! After making adjustments, balance was restored!

Recently, I was introduced to a new spiritual practice, meant to raise vibrations and connect to higher source by sending my awareness up to the great central sun of the cosmos.

Sounds awesome, right? However, it ended up causing me great anxiety! ‘Why??’, you ask. Because of my Ayurvedic type.

In Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, we have what are called Doshas, based on the elements. I am a Vatta, which is Air and Space energy. Vattas are very susceptible to anxiety when they aren’t well grounded. I have known this for years but I allowed myself to get pulled off track because I was excited, curious & craving something new.

Starting this in the midst of the strangeness of pandemic life; dealing with marital hurtles & family drama was not a good idea for me as I ended up spiralling into a meltdown.

I realized I had stepped away from my usual practice of deep grounding. I needed to get back in touch with that practice, so I spent a great deal of time sitting and laying on the earth, deeply visualizing my roots anchoring me to the core of Mother Earth.

I continue to practice drawing down the solar energy, letting it flow through my chakras. Then, I greatly emphasize rooting that into the core of Mother Earth; imagining her nurturing and amplifying that energy for her healing and that of the planet’s inhabitants. Making that shift has helped immensely!

We all need to find our own path & honour our ways of being, as there’s no one way! Have you ever tried something you thought would be great, but it backfired on you?

About Wyn: 

Wyn Andress, Soul Doulah, is passionate about supporting and empowering clients to clear away old beliefs, fears and habits that hold them back from greater health and their highest potential. Using intuition, Wyn draws upon her various certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Celtic Reiki, Karmic Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique,  Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming so clients can transition from challenges to birthing a life of grace, ease and peace!


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