Guest post by Joy Seunarine.

Learning how your body gives you a Yes answer is an important first step. Perhaps you know the term, Applied Kinesiology. AK or muscle testing as it can be referred to is a valid and honored system of determining body responses that lie beneath conscious knowing. It bypasses the thinking brain and accesses a whole body knowing. This aspect of ourself has many names and constantly reacts to our environment. Anything that interfaces with us elicits a body response. Nothing is neutral. Even intentions, thoughts, dreams and wishes elicit a reaction. Using this wisdom, you can ask your body a question and it will reveal either a YES or a NO.

In AK the answers are discovered through testing muscles. A strong response is a yes; a weakened muscle response is a ‘No”. One practical way that this is used is by practitioners. Some practitioners will ask the body many questions as they narrow down the best treatment approach for the client. Individuals can learn muscle testing or some variety of it for personal use.  Muscle testing can be a different process for each individual.

Years ago, my son Cal and I were heading downtown to watch a baseball game, when his sore throat became uncomfortable. We stopped at a pharmacy to get some medication. I asked him to muscle test himself (he is very good at this).  When I asked him how he tests, he sheepishly looked at me and said, “I don’t do it the way you do. I tune into the symptom, scratchy throat, and when I hold the correct medicine it goes away.” I congratulated him, proud that I had shown him the territory, and he had used the map to find his way.

Another example of finding a yes or no in your body came to me. Several years ago, I was talking to someone I met online dating, we had been talking for at least a month. After one particular converstion, I was feeling very  excited  about this man; I loved his deep voice and throaty laugh.  Shortly after hanging up, I went into my daily meditation where I realized that my energetic field was contracted – the first clue that he was not what he revealed. I was puzzled to be feeling this when I had such a feeling of wellbeing after the phone call. Sure enough, within a few weeks his scam became evident, my body had known before my brain knew.

Each of us can take the time to discover what a yes feels like in our body.  Often this is feelings of expansion, lightness, and openness. We can also discover what a ‘no’ feels like in our body. For many people this is a sense of contraction, heaviness or restriction sometimes overall or in certain areas: stomach, chest or jaws are common areas. Both are helpful in stepping forward in alignment.  Please share your experiences if you muscle test regularly or if you are a novice.  Finding our “YES” is a big first step in finding our best self.

About Joy: 

Celebrating 30 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Joy is excited to shift her journey into body/mind coaching.  Through her years working she came to understand that relief of pain or deep relaxation wasn’t all that clients received from her treatments.  A place to share concerns, a chance to reflect on current circumstances and a place to vent soon became a valued part of the treatments.

Joy’s extensive training in working with the physical body as the energetic, spiritual and emotional aspects are also addressed,  has given her the ability to hold space for clients to make a transformation  in their lives. We all deserve the opportunity to live an embodied life. She offers coaching, bodywork and group exploration of attuning to the body.

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