Dynamic Visioning Coaching Testimonials

  • I have completed two of Simone‘s dynamic visioning sessions and I am amazed at the quick transformation in my thinking. I like the fact that I can transform a challenge or struggle into what I would like instead which automatically lifts my vibration and then I get to hang out in that space, nurturing my vision to be even greater than I initially imagined. This is truly a wonderful process!!  Smiling from ear to ear! Thank you!

    Energy Practitioner
  • Simone is gifted and has helped me to see my own value and worth. She is extremely supportive and truly authentic, making her an amazing coach. I am grateful to have worked with her! Val Shah - Entrepreneur

  • Before I started working with Simone, I was at a place in my life where I felt chronically stressed, anxious, and hopeless. In a word, overwhelmed. Luckily, someone connected me with Simone, and what might have turned into a full-out 'breakdown' or 'burnout', became more of a 'waking up' and ‘call to action’, thanks to the guidance Simone offered and the mental tools she helped me develop. Unlike many traditional methods of traversing personal challenges, Simone's goal is not for you to become dependent on her. She teaches mental skills, guiding you through the process until you are able to regulate your thoughts and feelings on your own. She helped me build a mental toolkit so when situations that seem stressful to me arise, I am able to rise above that stress and overcome those 'challenges' constructively. I can see the skills Simone teaches being applicable for anyone who is facing a perceived obstacle that is keeping them from living their best life - which I'm pretty sure is all of us at some point!

  • Tangible outcomes of working with Simone – she helps me: • Shift paradigms so I can see old issues in new ways and better understand my world to make more empowered decisions • Understand the other people better in my life so I can calibrate my communication to enhance problem-solving and get to “win-win” more gracefully • Connect to my heart so I am more in touch with my emotional self – this gives me a richer existence • Uncover insights that help me act from a place of much greater empowerment • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs • Dream bigger and dream more • Feel greater alignment generally so I can embrace greater success • Align more directly with the miracle of me so that more good surprises show up.

    Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Editor, Book Coach
  • Before I started with Simone I had on average 2-3 major anxiety attacks per day. But throughout the 4 weeks I was able to identify what the feeling was and why it was coming up. Then using the breathing and meditation she taught me I was able to reduce that number down to 1 sometimes none! This process taught me how to manage my stress to reduce my anxiety. I can now sit through my classes and attend all my activities without fear of anxiety being in control. This was life changing for me.

    University Student  
  • Simone is a talented coach who meets you where you are, and takes you to where you want to go. 
    Her fast, fun, and effective way of getting to the heart of the matter has allowed me to effectively shift the blocks I had around my business. I am now able to define what I do in an authentic, heart-centered way and I am ALREADY seeing results!
    KF- Life Coach
  • Hard to put into words what I received by working with Simone. In the first 30 days, my income doubled. The additional $10,000 I had set an intention for in our first appointment showed up in less than 60 days. But more than that, I feel like me again. Simone helped me to connect back to my expansive, powerful, joyful self. She became my biggest cheerleader and reminded me of what I am truly capable of. And the best thing…I know this is just the tip of the iceberg!!

  • I have gone from a shy, emotionally reactive person who often chose to 'freeze' when faced with fight-flight-or-freeze situations, to a more functional, responsible, and all-around better version of myself. I never knew that I had so much control over my own life, I feel totally empowered, and I go through my day feeling hopeful and in control… something I did not believe was possible before I met Simone! Authentic, warm, and truly gifted, I am so grateful to have worked with Simone. I'm not saying that her work is a miracle cure, but it is undoubtedly effective and the changes I've been able to make in my life with Simone's guidance and support have been transformative. Simone is part friend, part therapist, and part personal cheerleader. Her genuine love for her work shines through, and her energy is contagious.

  • Prior to working with Simone, I was stagnant, had lost my path forward and was living an unfulfilled life. Simone has allowed me the opportunity to see how strong the mind/body connection is through Reticular Activation. I was feeding myself a diet of negativity (Junk Food for the mind) and thus existing on fear, self-doubt, overwhelm and unhappiness. I have learned to harness my subconscious mind through meditation, positive affirmation, gratitude and altering my neural pathways through conscious choice. This has allowed me to increase my vibrational energy thus taking charge of my life by figuring out what I truly want. I have determined my priorities and set goals. I am feeling lighter, self-assured, happy and more connected with my family and friends. My future is limitless!

  • Are you looking for a coach who will be your cheerleader? Simone is someone who listens attentively and is there for you at every step of the way. She will gently guide you to walk independently, re-frame your challenges, and  help you make dreams reality. She is a practical and energetically attuned being of light. I loved working with her!  Julie/ Gaia Hive/ Dundas,

    Julie Gaia Gaia Hive, Dundas

Wellness Testimonials

  • Thank you to Simone and everyone at this event for providing support and encouragement, as well as information about new and exciting products and services!

  • Excellent. Special thanks to Simone for her welcoming kind leadership.

  • What an amazing network event! It felt more like a reunion with good friends and as a newcomer, felt so welcome and included. Thank you!

  • Enjoyed the meeting- lots of useful information. Special thanks to you, Simone, for your leadership and encouragement.

  • I truly believe that Simone can reach zones within a person that have not been chartered before. Simone has a genuine interest and compassion evolving anew at each moment of each journey. SC -Wild about Wellness Events participant

Equine Testimonials

  • Thank you, Cheryl and Simone for the opportunity to learn how to assist my horse with such an incredibly effective and gentle approach. Anika has an on-going shoulder issue and has been resistant to releasing the tension in the area. Since taking the Foundation Course with you last month, I have been using the Basic Body Balancing Protocol several times a week and have watched her responding – breaking through her normally stoic nature. Today’s session with her was incredible…it was clear that it was significant for her. It is incredibly gratifying to be able to provide her with opportunities to release her tension…!

    Patricia Chatfield, (completed 101 – 103)
  • A serious accident in mid winter 2005 resulted in my Palomino Quarter Horse Sonny having a broken pelvis in two places and a torn cruciate ligament. This horse should not have lived through his injury and euthanasia had been recommended. After nearly 5 months of stall rest, Sonny’s progress had leveled off. He presented with severe pelvis asymmetry and was non weight bearing lame on his left hind; he could barely hobble from one side of his stall to another. He was being regularly medicated for pain (banamine, bute, and anafin). Although somewhat skeptical at first, there is now little doubt in my mind that Equi-Bow technique therapy has given Sonny a quality of life that nothing else could have done. Between his own determination and the benefits of the Equi-Bow, his quality of life is now very good. He rarely requires pain medication and is ready for the next level in his recovery. He will finally be turned out once again with his herd after nearly two and a half years of separation. He continues to show incredible improvement in his conformation, mobility and gait.

  • Thank you Cheryl & Simone! What a wonderful weekend….you certainly opened a Pandora’s box of Knowledge that I am dying to see and learn! I love the passion you two have….it is SO uplifting!

    Janice Taylor – Graduate Practitioner
  • I would highly recommend Equi-Bow for any horse involved in harness racing. I have two standardbreds that were either aggressive or very agitated while having the girth tightened. I found this improved after two Equi-Bow sessions. I also noticed an improvement in gait with my pacer. She became more fluid and relaxed after a the Equi-Bow session

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