Don’t you love riding on a roller coaster? The thrilling ascent, the suspenseful pause at the summit, and the heart-pounding plunge down the track. It’s an exhilarating experience. Or is it? For some, the roller coaster is not just a ride at the fair but a metaphor for our internal emotional struggles. Let’s explore how incorporating a simple element like awareness, into our routine can reshape our relationship with the roller coaster, turning it from a source of anxiety to a joyful ride.

Despite our attempts to power through negative emotions and dysfunctional habits using willpower or our thinking brain, research reveals that our willpower is one of our weakest mental devices. The HALT acronym (it stands for Hungry, Angry/Anxious, Lonely and Tired) emphasizes a number of physical states where we exhibit high vulnerability and moments of depletion. We have no willpower in these states!

When we are engaged in life’s emotional roller coaster, cultivating awareness can prove to be a game-changer. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but by integrating awareness into daily life we can significantly diminish the impact of emotional turbulence. Simply by recognizing and acknowledging triggers we are taking the first steps toward building awareness.

Every time we examine or tune into our emotions we are initiating the practice of emotional processing. As we acknowledge the ups and downs and intentionally engage in activities that refrain from the old patterns of turmoil, we contribute to emotional balance, even amidst the twists and turns of the roller  coaster ride.

Another effective way to manage the emotional roller coaster is to embrace acceptance and forgiveness. Acceptance naturally follows awareness. Once we accept that we cannot control everything, we find ourselves enjoying a healthier emotional state. Adding forgiveness to the equation allows for a shift from our reaction to an event to a response. When we layer acceptance and forgiveness onto awareness, we are well on our way to building competency.

Rather than reacting to events, we can choose to rein in our feelings and develop proactive coping techniques that mitigate or soften the emotional highs and lows that we encounter on the roller coaster. These new coping strategies help to prevent the recurrence of triggers and start to create a more supportive, less unpredictable environment. When we develop a toolbox full of coping mechanisms, we become empowered to respond to emotions in a constructive manner.

When we are riding the emotional roller coaster, awareness emerges as a potent antidote to fear and resistance. Understanding the limits of willpower and embracing new coping techniques empowers us to effectively and proactively control our ride. With newfound awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness, I encourage you to grab onto your dreams and accelerate your goals for your most fulfilling life.

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Simone Usselman-Tod,

Stress Management and Mindset Breakthrough Coach,

Certified NeuroChange and NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.