Guest Post by Alison Bastarache.

Have you ever heard the words “You’re too sensitive”, “Don’t be such a cry baby” or the infamous “You want to cry, I will give you something to cry about”? I have heard all those things growing up as a sensitive and empathic spirit. I spent the first fifteen years of my life crying over one thing or another. Sometimes I imagine how my life might have been different if the people around me were more in tune to my sensory experiences.  We can learn how to better understand and interact with sensitive people. 

Sensitive people can easily become overwhelmed; situations such as crowded stores, rowdy parties and loud concerts can cause their nervous system to become overactive. Sensitive people are often very empathic; meaning they feel others pain and emotions very strongly.

 It can be difficult releasing these sensations from their own energy field, leaving them drained and fatigued. Mood swings can occur, caused by hunger or hearing music that does not resonate with them. They may avoid violence and conflict at all costs, react to raised voices or criticism personally, creating an emotional response such as tears, self-doubt, self-criticism and unworthiness.   

Highly sensitive people are often emotionally intelligent, extremely passionate and very creative. They are deeply intuitive so they can sense when someone is being untruthful and will call out anything they deem inauthentic. They are transparent with their emotions and honest to a fault, causing then to have difficulty with relationships. Sensitive people are very loyal and will forgive but will not forget when they have been wronged in any way. Their strong sense of empathy makes them very caring and excellent listeners.

Sensitive people need to be given time to use their analytical mind to make decisions as they weigh all the possibilities. Change can be a challenge for them and they must be allowed to adjust in their own time. They have trouble saying “NO” to people; they often become people pleasers to avoid conflict but to their own detriment. Letting somebody down is deeply hurtful and upsetting for sensitive people. They tend to be perfectionists and hence very hard on themselves. Sometimes they are seen as anti-social because they will self-isolate if a situation is too much for them. They socialize differently, preferring to be with small groups of family or close friends. As deep animal lovers they may even prefer animal company to human company.  

There are many tools available to help manage sensitivity. Nature and being around water are very healing for sensitive people as it recharges energy and calms the mind. Other soothing activities such reading, meditating, Qigong or Tai Chi and solitary hobbies are also helpful to stay grounded and connected to oneself. 

Over time I have come to have a deeper understanding of the gift of sensitivity. I enjoy working with Reiki energy, Meditating, Yoga, Qigong, gatherings of like-minded souls and a good night’s sleep.  I use my gift in service to others providing healing, spiritual mentorship and teaching. 

Do you consider yourself a highly sensitive person? What kind of challenges do you face?

Is there a highly sensitive person in your life?  How do you interact with them?


Alison is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy worker sharing spiritual wisdom and intuition for self-healing. Alison’s healing journey began in 2002 when she experienced frightening symptoms of numbness and double vision leading to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Alison embraced a holistic outlook to health and wellness. She believes no matter where we are we can always enhance our health.

Alison can help you balance your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Alison offers Intuitive Reiki sessions, Chakra balancing, Intuitive card readings, and Reiki certification courses.  She facilitates workshops, meditation circles, and Reiki shares.

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