Guest post by Tricia Chatfield.

Living life to the fullest is something we all aspire to.  Sometimes, pain or discomfort in the body can stand in the way of that.  None of us are at our best when in pain. Unfortunately, too many of us live with pain on a daily basis.  Whether it’s mild, nagging pain or truly debilitating, it’s not fun!  Lower back pain alone will likely impact 80% of us at some point in our lives and is on the rise.  It is estimated to cost $100 Billion annually in the U.S. alone.  Given how sedentary and stressful our lives have become, is it any wonder?

The good news is that there are solutions.  The Ease Method combines the ancient practice of yoga with the latest findings in pain research.  It has helped hundreds of people end the cycle of pain.  The Mind-Body Model may help you to understand how this works.

Our bodies are like communication super highways, flowing in both directions.  There is a flood of information being passed around the body day and night.  What most people focus on is what the conscious mind is telling the body – a top-down focus.  This is represented by the downward arrows on the left side of the model.  But the conscious mind is only aware of 5% of what’s available on that superhighway. That means that 95% of what we do, feel and believe is under our level of awareness.

Why does that matter?  It matters because we can’t change anything we’re not aware of!  All of the tension we carry around with us disrupts the flow of all body systems and contributes to the pain we feel.

The Ease Method focuses on bringing some of that 95% into conscious awareness where it can be changed.  We know that the brain develops and changes in response to movement.  The Ease Method uses gentle movement to bring about immediate pain relief and to retrain the brain to resolve unnecessary tension.   This is the bottom-up approach depicted by the arrows on the right, bringing some of that flow into the realm of the conscious mind where the information can be used to make improvements.  The good news is that even tiny increments of awareness can create impactful change in the body and reduce pain quickly.

Notice that the heart is included here.  That’s because our hearts’ desires can trump the mind!  There is more information flowing from the heart to the mind than the other way around.  Have you ever had the experience of truly wanting something but you didn’t think it would be possible?  Yet somehow, your passion, your desire won out?  That’s what happened to me while on a dream trip to Italy last year.  I’d injured my leg badly but the highlight of the trip for me was supposed to be a major hike along the Amalfi coast. My body was very unsure and with good reason!  In the end, I made the hike and my body cooperated.  And I’ve got the gorgeous photos to prove it!  What truly matters to us is an important part of the decision-making process of the brain.  The Ease Method helps you to get in touch with that, so that you can alter what happens in your body.

The end result? Tension is eased, mobility and strength improve and pain is reduced or eliminated completely.  The best part?  It’s sustainable.  You don’t have to slip back into that cycle of pain again.   And who doesn’t want that?

About Tricia:

Tricia Chatfield is an internationally certified Yoga Therapist specializing in working with people in pain.  Her personal experience with chronic pain led her on a journey to discover a way to get at the root causes of pain.  She combines her knowledge of the body with the latest in pain research to assist her clients with the tools she’s found to be most effective.

Tricia is the creator of the Ease Method for Pain Relief. To find out more, feel free to reach out by email or text or book a free 15 minute call HERE

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