Beyond education and experience, successful entrepreneurs possess certain superpowers that set them apart. When those superpowers kick in we find ourselves performing at levels beyond that which we ever could have imagined, creating an addictive experience of exhilaration, euphoria, a ‘flow state’.

A flow state can be reached when our perceived skills match the perceived challenge of the task that we’re doing. When we’re in a state of flow, our awareness of time seems to disappear. The work we do or the task at hand may fill us with joy, and we lose our sense of self as we concentrate fully. This is the state that we’re in when we’re doing our best work, and when we’re at our most productive and experiencing peak performance.

Most people have experienced a ’flow state’, yet very few people realize it’s happening or have any control over it, let alone trigger it voluntarily unless they are involved with professional sports.

‘The importance of actively seeking out the flow state cannot be overstated. Research done by Harvard professor Teresa Amabile shows that people who have experienced this state of mind report higher levels of productivity, creativity, and happiness for up to three days after experiencing flow state. Pushing ourselves just outside our comfort zone, stretching to accomplish a set goal and working toward that goal with focus, determination, and little distraction expands our minds and teaches us to be creative and innovative-skills that increase the quality of both the work you do and the life you live.’

The nature of entrepreneurs is to step out of their comfort zone and stretch to accomplish set goals. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to adapt and evolve with ever changing industry, economics, and demographics. They thrive in what may be seen by others as unpredictability. Despite schedules changing from day to day and income fluctuations they would never exchange their entrepreneurial work day for a 9 – 5 JOB. The promise of independence, time and location freedom are just too alluring.

Entrepreneurs who experience that flow state of being in the zone increase their productivity and feel energized. That flow state releases dopamine, and dopamine gives us a sense of excitement and helps us increases our attention and decreases our distractibility. As a result we have the ability to stay focused on our goal while going with the flow and adapting our plans.

We have all experienced those moments of ‘flow state’ when we seem to lose all track of time. There is an effortlessness and ease, complete concentration in the moment, clarity of goals and outcomes, a balancing of challenges and skills along with a sense of control over the activity we are engaged in. Can you recall experiencing that ‘flow state’?

Have you ever experienced that wave of feeling as if you can accomplish almost anything, that feeling of exhilaration, euphoria, that ‘flow state’? Where were you, what were you doing, how did the experience impact you?

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