Most of us are familiar with those individual patterns or problems that stubbornly persist and create issues in our lives. We can all think of an issue that negatively impacts our current relationships, career, finances, health or spiritual path. This ability to bring the problem forward consciously is an indicator that this is the surface level of the issue. We refer to these surface issues as the “presenting problem”.

Have you ever noticed that we can work and toil, and work and toil to free ourselves from these obstructive issues but somehow they always seem to reappear? That is because we have only dealt with the surface level of the issue. We rarely experience lasting change at this conscious level.

It is not surprising to learn that when a problem stubbornly persists that this could indicate the existence of an underlying or “root problem”. It is very difficult to recognize and address our “root problems” because they occur at the subconscious level of our being. Essentially, we have had them for so long that they now occur by rote. The synapses have been wired and fired so often that they have created a well-trodden path in our neurology. This “root problem” fires the stress response, that pulls the emotional triggers, that signal our unproductive habits that hold our hopes and dreams hostage. We cannot ever be free of these obstructive and destructive patterns in our lives until we remove them from our unconscious mind.

Rina has never been able to reach for her dream job. She knows what she wants, she sees the ads for it. Her friends and co-workers encourage her to apply but for some reason she can’t ever seem to get her resume ready to apply on time. She just can’t get organized. In fact, she has taken on that ‘title’. Rina’s “presenting problem” is that she is very disorganized and she doesn’t really feel ready to move forward in her career.

Thankfully, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners have had great success with breakthrough programs such as Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence (PACE) and Time Line Therapy. These processes allow us to work at the unconscious level to release the effects of past negative experiences and conditioning, to help us to change our unproductive habits, unconscious behaviours and situational programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.

In Rina’s case, we were able to help her to connect with those feelings, that she associated with being disorganized, most strongly. We were able to go back to that first time she remembered ever having felt that feeling and restructure that event. We gave it a new context and added new understandings and we softened those emotions for her. Then we cleared every similar event from that initial feeling to the present day. Yes, it is that simple!

The really great thing about NLP Breakthrough Programs is that we can effectively teach you to calm the stress response, eliminate the emotional triggers and unproductive habits, all without having to reconstruct the difficult emotions attached to the original events that were created by the root problem in the first place.

If you would like to hear more about PACE or TimeLine Therapy and how they can help you to eliminate unconscious “root problems” to help you create the life of your dreams and to live a life of your own design, please call to book a 30 minute phone session with Simone Usselman-Tod, Dynamic Visioning Coach, Certified Life Coach & Business Coach and Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Learn more about Dynamic Visioning.

By the way, Rina has successfully applied for her ‘dream job’.